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PDF Creator Plus 7.0

PDF Creator Plus can convert any MS Word document, text file, or image into PDF
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PDF Creator Plus can help you convert any MS Word document, text file, or image into PDF very easily, and without needing any prior knowledge about PDF creation and editing. The program installs a virtual printer in your PC along with a PDF editor. You just need to "print" - using this virtual printer - any text, image, or HTML file you wish to convert to PDF and the program will show you the same file in PDF format and ready for editing. This editor allows you to insert other text, shapes, and images into your PDF document very easily. You can also embed hyperlinks referred to any web page or to any part of the PDF file itself. Its efficient alignment tools and its real-time preview of the resulting PDF file help you create faithful PDF files in no time.

The program also allows you to export the resulting PDF file as TIFF, JPEG, or BMP image files, but, obviously, all textual interactive elements - such as hyperlinks - will be lost in the conversion. Everything else, including the text, the images, and their layouts are kept the same. The program also allows you to create multi-page PDF files, and the thumbnail preview of each page will help you to sort your pages easily. The program also has its own search tool to help you find keywords in the text, for editing, adding hyperlinks, etc. You can also password-protect your PDF files to prevent unauthorized access or modification.

Shortly, the program is a very useful tool to create PDF files from any text file, image, or web page very easily. Once you know how to "print" your source document using the virtual printer, the rest of the procedure gets easier and easier thanks to the program’s user-friendly interface.

jasminder singh
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  • Easy to use
  • Can convert any text or image file into PDF allowing the user to adjust the layout


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